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Omaxe Marigold Bhiwadi

at Rajasthan

1/2 BHK Luxury Apartments
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Omaxe Marigold is a 1 and 2 BHK apartment building in Bhiwadi. The flats in Omaxe Marigold have buildup areas of 410 and 770 square feet. The apartments in this location have every amenities you could possibly want. These large 1 and 2 BHK apartments in Bhiwadi are available for occupancy. These apartments that are prepared for move-into have already begun to be occupied. There is no reason not to select these apartment if you are seeking for flats for sale in this location, because it is unquestionably the best location for your housing.

The Omaxe Green City township, which is a part of it and is located in Bhiwadi Alwar Bypass and close to the Delhi–Mumbai Corridor, is one of the best in the area for providing luxury flats in Bhiwadi. Depending on their needs and budget, customers can pick from a range of choices supplied by using the township, together with lands, metropolis residences, opulent villas, and an awful lot more. Omaxe Mid Town, a different initiative, is already a success because to the availability of several retail stores, studio apartments, restaurants, and clubs.

Add Some Comfort And Elegance To Your Objectives At Omaxe Marigold.

To reply your question, "What to assume extra at Omaxe Marigold" are the facilities of a absolutely organized workplace space, an artwork gallery, a photograph studio, boutiques, a gym, a salon, a clinic, and a restaurant. Just picture the lifestyle you'll be leading at this place.

Location & Amenities & Security

It is situated at Village Khajuri Vas, Omaxe Panorama City Main Bhiwadi Alwar Highway, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan 301019, India. Numerous schools, including Bachpan-A Play School, Delhi Public School International, and Mount Litra Zee School, are located nearby.

An open gym, a safe children's play area, uninterruptible power and water supply, a multi-purpose hall, designated parking space, unlimited power and water supply, a walkers'/joggers' park, a senior deck, and an indoor and outdoor playing area are just a few of the contemporary amenities offered at this location.

A gated neighborhood in Rajasthan is located here, and there are robust security measures in place, including security cameras, trained guards, and boom barriers. A manageable security system that helps to the neighborhood's protection and safety is indicated by the residential area.

Floor Plan

The property at Bhiwadi, near to NH-8 and on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana, offers 1 and 2-bedroom residences.

Project Highlights
  • Dining Room- 1
  • Balcony- 1
  • Bedrooms- 1,2
  • Kitchen- 1
  • Bathrooms- 1,2

Is It Smart Move To Invest In The Omaxe Marigold Project?

A smart financial choice that will provide greater profits and steady rental income for this project. This location crowded local with quite a few regular landmarks, which include corporations like banks, schools, and hospitals. Due to its safety and abundance of greenery, the region is popular with prospective homeowners and investors. In response to your query, "What to expect more at Omaxe Marigold" are the facilities of a completely equipped office space, an art gallery, a picture studio, boutiques, a gym, a salon, a clinic, and a restaurant. Just picture the lifestyle you'll be leading at this place.


Q. Is residing in Omaxe Marigold a wise choice?

One of Bhiwadi Estates' top housing complexes. You will be delighted by this house in every way.The majority of the stores and office buildings are also close by.

Q. Does investing in the Omaxe Marigold Project have any advantages?

The Omaxe Marigold project is a great choice for investors as it ensures higher earnings and reliable rental income.