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Omaxe The Royal Meridian

at Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana

3 & 4 BHK Apartments and penthouse
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Omaxe The Royal Meridian at Pakhowal Road is one of Ludhiana is largest societies, covering 65 acres and offering opulent living in a serene location. This Project huge green garden will satisfy your desire to live near nature away from the city dust and pollution. Open your door to fresher colder air to refresh your body and spirit.

The Royal Meridian will provide 3 and 4 BHK residences and penthouses from 2250 to 6000 sq. Toes. Each room in those residences has a balcony and window ensuring that your house is always vibrant and airy. The project has 288 exquisitely built homes in seven towers each towering at 24 stories to satisfy contemporary homeowners. Registered by PBRERA-LDH45-PR0029, PR0031, PR0025 and PR0030. The project is also transparent and reliable giving homeowners peace of mind.

Focal Points, which houses thousands of jobs at Kangaro Industries Ltd., Vira Industries, Surendra Auto Industries, Harpreet Industries and others is also easily accessible. It offers luxury living with all the benefits of life with its well-thought-out amenities.

Introduced To Omaxe The Royal Meridian: Luxurious Living in Premium Spaces At Pakhowal Road!

The attraction of this Homes ready-to-move condition enhances the property making the transfer for homeowners smooth and hassle-free. Residents may promptly start enjoying the pleasures of their new home as all essential services and infrastructure are already in place. The initiative alleviates the risks and delays linked to residences under development providing peace of mind and convenience to purchasers. The ready-to-move characteristic enhances the value and appeal of this project. Whether for personal use or investment.

A Hub of Connectivity and Convenience

The dynamic environment and strategic connectivity of Ludhiana Pakhowal Road make it famous. Locals and tourists depend on this avenue in the city center for its many services and quick access to places. Omaxe The Royal Meridian Pakhowal Road has everything from top schools to lively marketplaces and businesses. The Royal Meridian is also strategically located near education and healthcare institutes, malls, multiplexes, marketplaces and more bringing the world to your doorstep.

Transportation is good on Pakhowal Road. Ludhiana main arterial road connects several areas. Access to buses and auto-rickshaws makes commuting easy for locals. Transportation to nearby cities and beyond is also simple because of the road is main highway connections. Pakhowal Road connects several places near Chandigarh and Delhi. Ideal for residential, business and recreational use in Ludhiana it offers convenience and connection.

Luxurious Living Spaces

It redefines luxury living with outstanding design and workmanship. Each 3 or 4 BHK home is also designed to optimize space and comfort. From luxurious bedrooms to exquisite living spaces every nook emanates elegance. The interiors include high-quality finishes and fixtures that merge modern and classic styles. Modern living in rich greenery is also relaxing for residents at Omaxe The Royal Meridian Ludhiana.

Expansive Landscapes

One of the unique features of this property spans 70 acres providing people with a peaceful escape from urban life. The concept promotes a peaceful relationship with nature by providing 84% open areas offering a tranquil setting for relaxation and regeneration. The terrain is also beautified with abundant plants, well-maintained lawns and serene water features, creating a magnificent setting for daily activities. Residents may relax and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

Architectural Excellence

Impresses and inspires every feature of the Royal Meridian is architecturally stunning. Ludhiana home stylish facades stand out. The apartments are brilliant, open and first-class because of their area and natural light design. From premium finishes to high-quality fixtures and fittings the project design is also careful. Omaxe The Royal Meridian residents enjoy a stylish useful living environment that enhances their daily lives.

Premium Master Plan

Every detail of this property master plan is also meant to provide a luxurious living experience. Every component is also carefully planned to maximize utility and beauty from residential tower layouts to recreational facility locations. The building harmoniously integrates modern and classical styles giving it a timeless charm. The outcome is also a harmonious living environment that meets contemporary families requirements and goals establishing new residential development standards.

Vastu-Shastra Compliance

Acknowledges Vastu-Shastra cultural relevance. Omaxe The Royal Meridian upholds these traditional architectural ideals. The project is also carefully constructed to follow Vastu principles promoting good energy and harmony in the living areas. From building orientation to room arrangement every detail is studied to encourage resident well-being and profitability.

Amenities and Facilities

It offers conveniences and services for every requirement. From leisure areas to exercise amenities the project offers a comprehensive living experience. The community gathers in the massive clubhouse for leisure activities parties and gatherings. It provides beautifully designed gardens and parks that provide inhabitants with peaceful sanctuaries to relax and reconnect with nature. Modern gymnasiums with workout equipment enable people to meet their health and wellness objectives without leaving the building. Swimming pools enable inhabitants to relax and swim or do aqua exercises at their convenience escaping city life.

Investment Opportunity

Besides being a residential paradise this project is an attractive investment in Ludhiana growing real estate market. Strategic location, premium amenities and superb workmanship position the property for long-term appreciation. The reputation for excellence and Ludhiana expanding need for excellent homes make it a good investment for long-term rewards. Omaxe The Royal Meridian project offers excellent rental and sales opportunities.

RERA Approved Development

The Project is also thrilled to be RERA-compliant giving residents peace of mind. Registration numbers PBRERA-LDH45-PR0029, PR0031, PR0025, and PR0030. This development follows rigorous Real Estate Regulatory Authority rules. This compliance demonstrates our openness, accountability and promise-keeping. Residents may trust their investments since their rights and interests are safeguarded by law. The project is also a symbol of confidence and trustworthiness in Ludhiana real estate providing homeowners with a safe and controlled environment.

Why Invest In Omaxe project The Royal Meridian Apartments In Ludhiana?

  • Omaxe The Royal Meridian Pakhowal Road Ludhiana is also a busy neighborhood with easy access to facilities.
  • Move into your ideal house right away to save time and effort.
  • Easy access to colleges, hospitals, retail complexes and amusement.
  • Built by way of Omaxe Group a good real property emblem recognized for fine and workmanship.
  • Prime location and quality features promise home value appreciation.
  • Socializing with like-minded people in a lively community.
  • Escape city life and relax at The Royal Meridian.
  • A property in one of Ludhiana is most desirable neighborhoods shows off your class and lifestyle.

In conclusion, this project is also a symbol of grandeur and elegance in Ludhiana is real estate sector. The project provides inhabitants with a lifestyle of exceptional comfort and convenience with its high-quality apartments, vast landscapes and careful design. It offers an attractive opportunity for both homeowners seeking their ideal house and investors looking for a smart investment. Experience sophisticated living at its best by choosing Omaxe property in Ludhiana as your location in Pakhowal Road.


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