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Owning a residence at the move-in-ready Omaxe Rose Villa Ludhiana is like to receiving a valuable gift. This serene sanctuary is also situated on 36 acres in Ludhiana, surrounded by abundant nature. It is also a spot that everyone wants to consider their home. The property offers elegantly built and roomy 3 and 4 BHK Ville for sale in Ludhiana. It offers apartments ranging in size from 3614 square feet to 3743 square feet. This property offers a whole lot of luxurious facilities and a lovely environment. The private enclave in Ludhiana would have 150 precisely constructed Premium Bungalows.

Adhering to Vastu-Shastra principles enhances the positive and harmonious atmosphere throughout Omaxe Villa. Furthermore, as an RERA registered project with the RERA No. PBRERA-LDH45-PR00156, purchasers may confidently invest certain that their interests are safeguarded by regulatory requirements.

Introduced To Premium Villa For Premium Buyers - Omaxe Rose Villa Ludhiana!

A ready-to-move alternative for quick occupancy. Residents may move in without delay once construction is also complete and all facilities are in place. This convenience lets residents enjoy Omaxe Bungalow amenities from the minute they walk inside, making it a great option for hassle-free moving.

Prime Location And Excellent Connectivity:

Pakhowal Road in Ludhiana has a fascinating history with its transformation from a country route to a busy urban street. It once linked neighboring communities to the Ludhiana city core. When Ludhiana grew, Pakhowal Road became a business and residential center. It developed schools, marketplaces, and residential communities. The route reflects Ludhiana's industrialization from a rural lifestyle. Its history and present merge to show the city's growth.

Connectivity and advantageous location make Ludhiana Pakhowal Road a busy route. Pakhowal Road is also a primary thoroughfare in Ludhiana, Punjab. Well-maintained infrastructure and good traffic flow make Pakhowal Road close to important sites and facilities. The area's residential areas, commercial centers, educational institutions and healthcare facilities make it a popular option for people and companies. Connectivity is Pakhowal Road's strength. Ludhiana and adjacent places may be reached easily by its seamless connections to other important roads and highways. Navigation on Pakhowal Road is also easy by car, public transit, or foot.

Luxurious Living Spaces:

The villas at Omaxe Rose Villa Pakhowal Road have also been carefully constructed to provide a lifestyle of maximum comfort and elegance. Each house showcases elegance and refinement with its wide floor layouts and modern decor. Every element of these houses from the carefully deliberate interiors to the splendid furnishings and finishes exudes luxury and beauty. Residents may appreciate living in a house that completely suits their refined interests and preferences.

Nature's Canvas- The Expansive Landscape:

Luxury and beauty define Omaxe Residential Villa's landscape. It offers residents a peaceful retreat in nature with 36 acres of lush foliage and groomed gardens. The verdant grass and vivid plants provide for peaceful strolls for introspection. Every part of the landscape is also meant to convey peace and beauty, giving inhabitants a refreshing break from daily life. The broad nature of this project makes for unique experiences, whether it's a morning yoga practice or a family picnic.

Expansive Open Spaces:

This project is also distinguished by its extensive open areas. These open areas cover 80% of the total land area, offering inhabitants plenty of opportunities to relax, recharge, and commune with nature. The wide grounds of Omaxe Rose Villa provide a serene refuge from urban life, ideal for peaceful strolls in groomed gardens or relaxing evenings surrounded by lush nature with loved ones.

Premium Master Plan:

This Project has also a carefully designed layout that maximizes space efficiency and provides inhabitants with the highest level of comfort and convenience. The master plan is meticulously crafted to improve the entire living experience with carefully located facilities and well-organized infrastructure. The master plan by Omaxe demonstrates their dedication to providing a comprehensive living environment of superior quality and perfection, seen in the design of villas, location of recreational amenities and development of common spaces.

Vastu-Shastra Compliance:

Vastu-Shastra is paramount at Omaxe Rose Villa in Pakhowal Road. The project planners also carefully plan the project to include Vastu-compliant elements and layouts to promote harmony and prosperity in one's home. They use Vastu principles for everything from villa orientation to door and window placement throughout the construction to create a harmonious and happy living environment. The devotion to Vastu compliance makes this project a more appealing residential choice.

Premium Amenities and Security:

Omaxe Villas includes large living areas with modern design, innovative fixtures and fittings, ample storage space in each apartment, a fully equipped kitchen with premium appliances, luxurious bathrooms with high-end finishes, private balconies with panoramic views, high-speed internet connectivity, central air conditioning and heating systems, 24/7 security surveillance, parking for residents and guests, open space garden and swim.

Best Investment Opportunity:

It offers discriminating purchasers an unmatched investment opportunity with its great location, exquisite facilities, and premium living areas. Investing in Omaxe Residential Villa, whether for personal use or investment offers tremendous appreciation potential and long-term value. An investment in Omaxe Rose Villa is a prudent move in a bright future as Ludhiana becomes a real estate and commercial powerhouse.

RERA Compliance and Transparency:

RERA compliance ensures this project's openness, accountability, and regulatory compliance. The project's RERA registration number, PBRERA-LDH45-PR00156, shows its dedication to ethical and legal compliance. It protects purchasers from unfair tactics and provides the essential information to make educated investment selections by following RERA criteria.

Why Choose Omaxe Premium Bungalows At Pakhowal Road Ludhiana?

  • The project is ready to move in avoiding construction delays and insecurity.
  • This Project is also created to the greatest standards using high-quality materials.
  • The project's tranquility and scenic vistas make it a great escape from city life.
  • It offers a profitable investment with high property value potential.
  • The project's social activities provide residents with a feeling of community.
  • With contemporary conveniences and tranquility. A comfortable and pleasant lifestyle awaits homeowners.

In conclusion, it symbolizes elegance, comfort and a modern lifestyle. Residents enjoy an unrivaled lifestyle with its upscale villas, large open spaces, and Vastu-Shastra principles. Omaxe Rose Villa Pakhowal Road Ludhiana offers the best of Ludhiana luxury living with ready-to-move-in houses, RERA compliance, and profitable investment opportunities. Omaxe Bungalow tranquility and superb craftsmanship are also ideal for homeowners and investors.


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