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Are you looking for commercial space in Ghaziabad? Yes, Omaxe Commercial Old Bus Stand Ghaziabad is a new luxury project where businessmen and buyers will find commercial property. This business place can be a good opportunity for you.

Omaxe Commercial Old Bus Stand is emerging as a prominent commercial location in Ghaziabad. This location has been selected due to the growing demand of Ghaziabad. However, this location is very attractive for businesses. The located near urban commercial routes and is suitable for high commercial activities. There are a lot of traders and shopkeepers around it, so buyers will get a good profit here. There are many markets, shops, hotels, restaurants and all the necessary facilities near this bus stand. Along with this, the place is close to transport facilities and is also very suitable for mass communication. Its important advantage is that it is easily accessible from different parts of the city and many routes connect this Old bus stand Ghaziabad.

Some Route With Old Bus Stand Ghaziabad

The connectivity of Omaxe Old Bus Stand Ghaziabad depends on the location and distance from various routes. However, as the name suggests, it is likely to be close to the old bus stand in Ghaziabad. The old bus stand is centrally located and well-connected to various routes within and around Ghaziabad. Some possible routes that it may connect to include Delhi-Meerut Road, NH-58 (Delhi-Haridwar highway), GT Road (NH-9), and Raj Nagar Extension Road.

The nearest metro station to Omaxe Old Bus Stand is Vaishali Metro Station, which is located on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. It is approximately 4 kilometers away from the Omaxe Commercial Old Bus Stand.

What Are The Commercial Thing You Can Build - Omaxe Commercial Old Bus Stand Ghaziabad

In this commercial space, you can build a shopping mall with attractive and comfortable facilities for various businesses. Here you can set up different brand shops and retail shops which will help you to fulfill the genuine and attractive needs of the customers. You can also shop restaurants where people can enjoy food and entertainment. Along with this, you can also run a hotel where people can stay and meet their needs. You can also set up an office at this place, which will be able to meet the requirements for the business. Also, you will get a large car parking zone with this commercial space, which will facilitate your customers by parking easily. Apart from this, there is also 80% open space, where you will get the facility of various activities and people can spend time comfortably.

Is Ghaziabad A Safe Place To Do Business?

Ghaziabad is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and an important industrial center. Trade, industry and financial services are available here. It is a safe and recognized place with good facilities for doing business. However, to keep any business safe it can be important that you follow local laws, regulations and conformance. You should consult the local administrative and regulatory authorities before starting the business and follow their suggestions and guidelines.

To Make Ghaziabad A Business Safe, Businessmen Should Take Care Of The Following Measures:

Ghaziabad is a major business center in which various industries and enterprises have flourished. However, before doing business in terms of security, entrepreneurs should take care of all aspects and contact local institutions and administrative authorities. Introducing Ghaziabad as a recognized business destination for all businessmen with good amenities, infrastructure, and security management at innovative budgets.

About Omaxe Group

Omaxe Group is an internationally recognized company operating in various sectors. The company was established in India in 1987 and although it is headquartered in India, it has activities in the areas of gold leaf, organic food, building apartment, commercial project, and organizational solutions in its business programme.

Omaxe Group is engaged in developing plants of human prosperity, health and environment to its residents. It also distributes safe, innovative and quality products and services. Omaxe Group's mission is based on sustainable values to spread prosperity, strengthen relationships and drive growth through strategic advantage. It also contributes to social services, education projects, rural development programmes, protection of atmosphere and environment.

What are the projects launched by Omaxe in Ghaziabad so far?

Omaxe, a prominent real estate developer, has launched several projects in Ghaziabad. Some of them include:

Omaxe Heights: Located in Sector 86, this project offers various sizes of apartments with modern amenities.

Omaxe Palm Greens: Situated in Sector Mu, this project offers independent floors and plots.

Omaxe Twin Tower: Located in Sector Zeta II, this project offers high-rise apartments.

Omaxe Riviera: Situated in Sector 1, this project offers villas and plots.

Omaxe Grandwoods: Located in Sector 93B, this project offers high-rise apartments.

Omaxe NRI City: Situated in Sector ETA II, this project offers residential plots, villas, and apartments.