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Omaxe Dwarka Delhi is a brand-new business complex. It is the capital of the country. The money will be used to build a sports center and a shopping center in Dwarka is the capital of the country. The outdoor arena that is part of this project will be able to hold at least 30,000 people. In Delhi, there will be an indoor sports center with about 2,000 seats and an international football and cricket stadium. The best industrial properties in Delhi are in great spots that will make your business easy to reach and noticeable. Omaxe has the right place for you, whether you're looking for a flagship office, a retail storefront, or a lively coworking space.

The Ultimate Sports City and Commercial Haven At Omaxe Dwarka Delhi!

Omaxe is spearheading the construction of a top-tier sports city that connects to a premium commercial complex, an esteemed club, and a luxurious 5-star hotel with 2500 parking spaces. A globally renowned sports management organization will administer the sports complex, redefining norms and providing top-tier services. One of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world will simultaneously oversee the club and hotel. Therefore, this will guarantee unparalleled hospitality.

The project covers an area of over 30 lakh square feet, with the commercial facility alone providing more than 7 lakh square feet of space for sale. The establishment offers a wide range of units with different sizes, starting with a minimum of 450 square feet and going up to a generous 33,000 square feet for large anchor stores. This allows businesses of all types to find suitable spaces and maximize their potential for success. This property characterized by careful planning and a strong dedication to achieving high standards, serves as a remarkable example of creativity and refinement, ready to have a lasting impact on the surroundings.

Destination Discovery - A Deep Dive Into The Location:

The premium quality retail shops & sports stadium at Omaxe Dwarka offers unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Situated just opposite the Bharat Vandana Park on the 60-meter Dabri Gurgaon Road in Sector 19B Dwarka. The project enjoys easy access to major transportation hubs. Commuting becomes effortless with two metro stations nearby and a proposed Metrolite passing through.

The location's attractiveness is further enhanced by its proximity to key attractions like the Yashobhoomi international convention and expo center. It is expected to host numerous events annually, drawing in a massive crowd of visitors. Additionally, the Bharat Vandana Park, located directly opposite, promises a steady flow of visitors throughout the week. The project's vicinity to Aero City, the largest 18-hole golf course in Delhi, and major expressways like the Dwarka Expressway and UER II. Therefore, ensures a bustling environment with increased footfall.

This commercial property emerges as the ultimate destination for both leisure and commercial needs. Furthermore, with a captive population of over 30 lakh in the vicinity and seamless connectivity to West Delhi, Gurgaon, and South Delhi. Its prime location with three roadside faces offers a unique opportunity for premium storefronts, making it an ideal investment choice. Moreover, with upcoming developments like the New Diplomatic Enclave, interstate bus terminal, IT hub and sports complexes. Dwarka is poised to become the epicentre of Delhi's vibrant energy and growth.

Some More Advantages Of Omaxe Dwarka:

  • Only 2.4km away, Yashobhoomi, Asia's largest convention and expo center, plans to host at least 100 days of conventions and expos annually, drawing 50,000 visitors each day.
  • This project consists of 23 elevators, including passenger and service lifts in the commercial complex, and 34 escalators. We estimate the corridor width to be 13 meters.
  • Yashobhoomi is currently constructing 3500 hotel rooms.
  • We expect 5,000 to 10,000 tourists at the nearby Bharat Vandana Park during the week and 15,000 to 25,000 on weekends.
  • The project's proximity to Aero City and its numerous hotels would attract visitors.
  • Additionally, we anticipate a dramatic increase in foot traffic due to the Dwarka Expressway and UER II. We plan to redirect 50% of NH8 traffic, or around 50,000 vehicles per day, once the highway is fully operational.

Grand Club and Sports Complex Unveiled in Delhi:

Delhi is embarking on a groundbreaking project that will change the way people enjoy high-end leisure and fun. A prestigious club features at Omaxe Dwarka Delhi for members only, offering a variety of sports facilities and leisure activities, is located within this large development, accessible only upon request. The center piazza spans 3.5 acres and is home to 36 excellent restaurants. This vibrant hub will be on par with Cyber Hub, Horizon One, and World Mark II Gurgaon. Thus, it will host many cultural and social events all year long.

Along with this culinary paradise, there is a huge family recreation center with more than 75,000 square feet of shopping and sports facilities. Not only that, but the project also has one of the biggest restaurants and clubs in India. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the outdoor stadium, built to meet ICC and FIFA standards and poised to become Delhi's largest cricket and football stadium.

This stadium can hold at least 30,000 people, and there are plans to increase that number to 42,000. It is perfect for IPL and foreign games, even better than the famous Arun Jaitley Stadium. Along with this amazing outdoor structure, there is an indoor stadium that can hold 2,000 people and is ready to host a wide range of sports and leagues, from kabaddi to basketball, as well as electrifying shows like WWF fights. India's capital city, Delhi, is about to change its look, letting both fans and experts enjoy unmatched luxury and fun.

Commercial Hub:

Omaxe Dwarka In Delhi comprises 218 commercial units on the first floor, which includes the food court, 7 terrace restaurants, and 5 movie screens on the second floor, 6 anchors, and 9 triple-height high-street retailers. The bottom floor of the building has 468 commercial spaces. There are just three drive-through locations in Delhi, but they have a lot of potential and demand.

Company Rights and Benefits Distribution Overview:

  • Leading rights are owned by the business.
  • A three-year lease guarantee of 7% is being suggested after possession.
  • Each unit holder will receive a portion of the actual rent.
  • In all, 80% of the project's land is open.
  • Once administration costs that is five percent of the monthly rent have been deducted. The brand will rent the units out pro rata.
  • Retail outlets that are 18 feet or shorter have a super to unit covered area efficiency of 50%. Whereas those that are 36 feet or taller have a 33% efficiency.

About Group!

Since 1987, Omaxe has consistently upheld its motto of "Transforming Dreams into Reality" by delivering consumers with their desired residential properties. Omaxe's enduring association with its clients and the positive feedback it has received over the years for its outstanding achievements support this claim.

Omaxe's story began in 1987 when Mr. Rohtas Goel, a first-generation entrepreneur. Mr. Rohtas Goel founded the company with the aim of participating in the construction with their projects Omaxe Dwarka Delhi and contracting industry. Omaxe initiated its inaugural real estate venture in 2001 in Gurugram, with executive floors. From its modest beginnings to its listing on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 2007, Omaxe has undergone a significant transformation. It currently has a net worth of 1638 crores as of 2020.

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